DevOps In 3 Sentences

DevOps is a hot topic right now, and amidst the marketing hype and buzzword-frenzy it can be hard to get to the essence of the concepts it introduces.

What really is at the heart of DevOps? Perhaps my 3 sentence summary of the “DevOps mindset” can help…

The DevOps Mindset:

Make your software-building process into an automated pipeline and optimize it for speed of delivery.

The software pipeline should ensure security, quality and stability by automating the building and testing of infrastructure and applications and progressively prove their fitness by providing feedback (via tests), and when ready, deploy it to end-users.

Work to continuously improve the flow (speed) and feedback of the software pipeline

‚Äč Okay, so I cheated on that 2nd sentence… it’s more of a paragraph :)

The key elements of the pipeline are:

The Business Value of DevOps:

Additional Insights:

DevOps & Happier Teams

Obviously this is a very high-level overview of DevOps concepts and principles – applying them and building a solid software pipeline is a challenging but worthwhile goal.

Did you know that peer-reviewed research shows that DevOps reduces the pain/stress involved in releasing software, thus reducing engineer burnout? Adopting DevOps can improve the quality of life for your key engineering teams.

Did I miss or misstate something? Feel free to let me know your thoughts & comments.